Hotel Guest Internet (HSIA)

Today’s travelers are becoming more and more reliant upon the Internet to keep up with all aspects of their life. As a result, providing high-speed Internet access to guests has become a service in the hospitality industry which is expected. In fact, the in-room Internet experience has become one of the most important amenities you can offer.


We are proud to provide our hospitality partners with reliable and proven network technology along with a high level of on-site service and customer support. We offer all of this at prices comparable to the larger providers who cannot match the level of local support we can deliver.


Aerolina offers a variety of high-speed Internet access services that will help you ensure the satisfaction of your guests during their stay.


Installation Services

Support Programs

Aerolina has developed close working relationships with several of the certified providers for the new Marriott Global Property Network Standards. We can help you choose the best provider and represent your interests during the conversion process. After your upgrade is complete we can offer local support to supplement the services offered by your GPNS provider.

No Capital Cost Conversion for New Customers!

We are currently offering the opportunity for new customers to have Aerolina install a new HSIA network, or have Aerolina upgrade their existing network with no upfront costs. We can offer financing for all of the equipment costs with payments made monthly over the term of the support contract.  Contact us for additional information.



Referral Program

Save money when you refer others, or if you have multiple properties.

Contact us for additional details.