Internet Solutions for Campgrounds and Marinas

Todays traveler expects high speed internet access to help them remain connected even while on vacation, sailing or camping. What could be more perfect than a WiFi installation that covers your park or marina?


Some facility owners minimize their cost by just covering central area with WiFi and allowing their guests to bring their laptops to surf the net. Others try to cover as much of their facility as possible.


Aerolina can assist you in providing the desired level of coverage for your facility. We perform free site surveys to determine the network layout required. Aerolina can then install the entire system using proven outdoor radio technology.  We also offer several levels of support packages.


Aerolina offers:

  • Installation of Wi-Fi solution for your property
  • Flexible access and billing systems for free-use or pay-as-you-go services
  • Personalized 24x7x365 guest phone support
  • Proactive monitoring so we know there's a problem before your guests do
  • Security of your guest network from your internal network
  • Protection of your property legally with required Terms of Use agreements
  • Zero capital financing options are available!